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Graphic Communication

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National 5/4

These are practical drawing units being undertaken by N5/4 Graphic Communication. They are adapted from Intermediate 2 and Standard Grade Past Papers.

A Timeline you may want to adapt/use

Course Choice Booklet– Thanks to Lorna Sherriff at Perth Academy

A Logo Design Task from James Young High School

A Beach House Design Task including homework tasks

‘BuzzIT’ Assessment Worksheets from Stuart McNeill

Prelim Revision from Barry Forbes
National 5 Prelim from Montrose Academy with Marking Arrangements
National 5 Prelim from Kirsty O’Brien
National 5 Prelim from Catriona and Pauline Bowie
National 5 Prelim from James Todd with Marking Arrangements
National 5 Prelim from Gail Blackwood
‘Suggested’ Past Paper Questions

Calderside Academy

Colour Theory Homework Book  and Course Notes
Kitchen Design Brief – integrated design and DTP task with a Workbook for the pupils.
KI Information Booklet


NQ Higher TG1 Drawings
NQ Higher TG2 Drawings

CFE Higher- Timeline – This is not a ‘suggested’ timeline, more than an example of how you may want to run the course.

CFE Higher – Assessment Workbook – Thanks again to Calderside Academy for this excellent resource.

CFE Higher- Drawing Board Unit – this is an abridged version of the units from NQ higher which some may feel will cover enough ground for the new CFE course.

Advanced Higher (NQ)

Measured Perspective
Oblique Cones
Conic Sections

2013 Drawing Exam Answers

Help sheets to give to pupils to outline what is required in a Thematic and DTP Presentation.

DTP Presentation Guide

Thematic Guide

Theory Notes from LTS

Student Notes

General Resources

Inventor 2007 Tutorials

1- Sketching
2- Extrusion
3- Noughts and Crosses
4- Plastic Feeder
5- iPod
6- Pen
7- Revolved Surface
8- Loft using a Rail
9- Sweeps