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Engineering Science

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Useful Websites

Rob Ives- paper animations– could be perfect for engineering science under a ‘Broad General Course’ or as a starter to mechanisms.

Makey Makey- an invention kit– could be perfect as an introduction to electronics and programming perhaps in the junior phase as well.

Raspberry Pi- credit card sized computer– could be used to show miniaturisation in design or used for practical demonstrations

Arduino- open source electronics platform– used in many schools now for programming A repository of building instructions for cooky objects, some of which are relevant to DET. The Revolution Education web site with links to Technology Supplies, where you can buy it. This is what used to be TEP, all sorts of DET goodies for sale Suppliers of electronics and particularly Arduino in Scotland Suppliers of Arduino bits extraordinaire. Suppliers of an amazing range of electronics for ES. Suppliers of an amazing range of electronics for ES.


Option Choice Booklet– Thanks to Lorna Sherriff from Perth Academy


20 Unbelievable Arduino Projects
Arduino in a Nutshell
Arduino Notebook
Getting Started with Arduino
RadioShack 18 More Awesome Projects


BOT120 Mircobot
Manual 1
Manual 2
Manual 3
Manual 4
PICAXE M2 Information Sheet

National 5/4

Mintlaw Academy Course

Analogue Electronics
Digital Electronics
Engineering Challenges- Systems and Energy
Levers and Forces
Contexts and Challenges PPT

National 5 Prelim from Neil Woodcock
National 5 Prelim from Marr College
National 5 Prelim from Robert Gordon’s College with Marking Arrangements

‘Suggested’ Past Paper Questions for Prelims

A Timeline you may want to use/adapt