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Design and Manufacture

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Useful Websites

Ellen MacArthur Foundation- online resources– the foundation deal with Circular Economies and Tear-Down Strategies. Colin Webster from the foundation was keynote speaker at the 2013 Conference.

Motorcycle Design – Video
CAD – Video
CAM – Video
LEGO – Video 1          Video 2
Shopping Trolley – Video
Razor – Video
Smart Materials – Video
Composite Materials – Video


National 5/4

Thanks to Calderside Academy for sharing this resource.   .pdf Info Booklet          .pub  Info Booklet 

.pdf Answer Booklet    .pub  Answer Booklet 

Example Prelim- *not verified as full/comprehensive and not accredited by SQA. Not live for 2015. Thanks to Mairi Harper.
Exam Analysis
Prelims should be in accordance with SQA guidance. Here is a list of ‘Recommended’ Past Paper Questions. Or alternatively, a more user friendly version.

Product Evaluation Unit Assessment Support
Evaluation Assessment Task – Many thanks to the staff at Queen Anne High School

A Timeline you may or may not want to adapt/use.

Bright Ideas- A Series of Work

Design Brief and Design Factors PPT
Design Team and Research PPT
Mass Manufacture and it’s Impact PPT
Component Part Working Drawing
Research Task Cards
Design Teams- Roles and Responsibilities
Homework Task- Modern vs Traditional
What matters most- Design Factors



Advanced Higher


General Resources

Option Choices Booklet– Thanks to Lorna Sherrif from Perth Academy

Anthropometrics Pictures – Good for tracing into folio work
Anthropometric Data– Explanation of terminology used
Anthropometric Data– Tables

Sustainability and Design PPT

Disruptive Technologies PPT

Bio-mimicry PPT

Design for Disassembly PPT

Recycling PPT

Design for Re-Use PPT

6 R’s Worksheet