2017 – Conference Workshops

Workshop 1 – Financing resources for a dynamic curriculum with Bob Baldie

Workshop 2 – Metalcraft Workshop with Metalcraft

Workshop 3 – Practical Electronics Session with Brian Leslie

Workshop 4 – Getting started with Solidworks

Workshop 5 – Using CAD/CAM in the Scottish Curriculum.

Workshop 6 – Higher Graphic Communication Exam marking hints & tips with Dave Telfor

Workshop 7 – Design sketching from day one with Neil Walker

Workshop 8 – Fundamental 3D sketching of solids of revolution with Neil Walker

Workshop 9 – Get Real…preliminary sketching techniques  with Neil Walker

Workshop 10 – NoTosh Design Thinking with Ian Stuart

Workshop 11 – NEW Metalcraft workshop with Brian Kennedy

Workshop 12 –  Introduction to Serif for beginners with Alan Delaney

Workshop 13 –  Introduction to using Text with Serif and Alan Delaney

Workshop 14 – Advanced Higher Graphic Communication Exam marking hints and tips with Sandy Lunan

Workshop 15 – Introduction to Microsoft Teams with John Sexton

Workshop 16 – Focus on Technologies Broad General Education with Kirsty McFaul and Education Scotland